EA: Guide to Throwing Your Dog the Best Birthday Party Ever

Want to throw your dog the best birthday party ever? We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know on how to throw a great party.

Don’t know their actual birthday? Why not celebrate their adoption date instead!

When planning your dog’s birthday, you will need to consider the guest list, theme, location, and food. Our guide will break down on all the details to ensure that your pup and your guests have a great time.

With that said, here’s our guide to throwing your dog the best birthday party ever.

Construct a Guest List

When planning a party, there are plenty of things to consider. Among of those top must do’s on the list is to determine who you will invite. Once you have a set list, you can then decide on the theme and location of the party. If you plan on including kids in the party, consider their age levels and experience with dogs. You will want to balance the appropriate amount of attention that will be needed to all guests at the party.

Decide on the Location

Once the list is ready, it is time to choose a location that your pup will enjoy. If you will have other dogs invited to the party, you will likely consider an outside party. However, if the spotlight is only on your dog, an indoor party will do just fine. Your home will make a great location for your dog will already feel comfortable without the pains of anxiety. You can also consider the local park, dog beach, doggy daycare or even another house.

Choose a Theme

The best part of planning a party is choosing a theme. If you plan to use one, you will notice that many dog parties have interesting themes according to their pets. From princesses to yoga and barbecues, consider what your dog enjoys. Anything that your dog enjoys can be a theme. You can also use websites like Pinterest to give you a better look at what kind of theme is right for your dog.

Get Started on the Décor

The next thing to do is to get started on the decoration. You can choose to go all out or skip the step entirely. We’ve seen many parties with just the basic party hats and balloons with dog-themed plates from the local party store.

Send Out the Invites

With social media platforms making invitations all the more easy to send, make your planning easier and eco-friendly by sending them via messenger or email. Just be sure to provide the appropriate details to your party.

Decide on the Food

Planning a dog-friendly party means that you must consider both human and dog food. One must-have item is a cake that your dog can dig into. You can choose to purchase a doggy cake from the pet bakery or simply make yours from scratch.

Plan on sharing dog treats at the party? Look for small options to keep the dogs happy and reward them for good behavior. You will want to avoid any situations where dogs are likely to get aggressive or territorial about their food.

Are you ready for your dog’s big day? comment below and share your ideas with us!